The Gordon Docking Award

The Gordon Docking Award is named for former WDAF TV-4 sportscaster Gordon Docking. Gordon was the first media member to embrace and promote the concept of the Simone Awards in 1983, and he served as the emcee of the awards for 10 years.

Without Gordon Docking’s passion, his hard work and his vision, the Simone Awards would not be as great or as recognized as they are today.

Beginning in 2005, the Gordon Docking Award is presented annually to a Kansas City area media member – whether it be sports writer, sportscaster, sports commentator or new media member – who is deemed to have spent a significant portion of their professional career promoting and enhancing high school sports through their media service.

All-Time Gordon Docking Award Winners
2012 Shawn Beldin Metro Sports
2011 Dion Clisso PrepsKC
2010 Nick McCabe Sports Radio 810 WHB
2009 Al Wallace WDAF TV 4
2008 Chad Harberts Metro Sports/Sports Radio 810 WHB
2007 Charlie Redfield Sun Publications
2006 Bill Althaus Blue Springs Examiner
2005 Dave Stewart KMBC TV 9/Metro Sports